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Before you start registration please take some time to carefully

read the following advice and instruction!!!

By today, January 24th, 2-bed-rooms are completely taken.
If you still choose to register for a 2-bed-room, you will be put on a waiting list in the order of registrations. In the case of cancellations you might still get a 2-bed-room, but probably rather a regular room, of course for the regular price.

Logics of registration and terminology used:

A single registration can contain one or several persons, i.e. a couple, a familiy or a small group of friends.
It is assumed by the registration staff that all people within one registration can and want to be placed in the same room/area, stay for the same duration and generally be treated as one organizational unit. It still is possible, though, to register different lodging and food preferences within one registration.

The one person that is launching the registration is our contact regarding all organizational matters of this booking including financial issues.
Therefore this one person plays an important role. A valid email address that is being monitored is definitely essential for further processing of the registration. This person will also automatically be registered as an adult and be charged the full price.

Registered persons:
Data of the registered person(s) contain the personal preferences regarding lodging, food, price-finding and duration of stay at the IASC.
The "registrant" therefore is also the first "registered person". His/her data can only be edited in a limited way.
The data of all other registered persons can be fully edited until registration is complete by having paid the complete amount due for the registration.

Registration process

Registration will be initiated by clicking "Start registration" in the left side-bar menu.
An assistant menu will guide you through the registration process.
First you have to enter the personal data of the registrant. These data can be checked and altered only at this stage and cannot be altered at a later time. So please check carefully, especially the email address entered.

You will then be asked for your personal preferences - these data can be altered at any later time.
Then we want to know if the registrant is a member or affiliate of an Asatru organization and - in case if - of which.
Finally there is a survey on some organizational issues that we would like you to complete to help us decide on some ideas we have for IASC 2018.

Finally you will end up on a "details page" which shows all of the data entered so far.
You can now enter additional persons to your registration if you like, give us some more information we need in "Other information" at the bottom of the page and/or leave us a note with individual text.

This "details page" can be approached at any later time to alter registration or edit data of the registered persons. But...

Your registration is not being sent to the registration staff until you check the "I accept" checkbox at the very bottom of the page.

When you have accepted the terms and conditions you will be sent an email containing the information you need to access the details page at a later time.

Until final payment is made you can alter and edit the data of your registration and the registered persons, add or delete registered persons, change the duration of stay etc.
Editing, altering and deleting additional persons also alters the main data set of the registration - so there is no need for an extra confirmation once you get done.

Payments and cancellations

All payments are only to be made when you receive an email telling you to do so.
To validate a registration a down payment has to be made according to the Terms and conditions of IASC 2018.
Final payment has to be made until June 10th 2018 - you will also receive an email telling you to make the final payment.

Registrations can be cancelled on the details page. If you cancel your registration your cancellation has to be accepted by the registration staff. Please read the details for cancellation and refunds policy in the Terms and Conditions document!